Four Ways to Move Beyond Fear and Uncertainty

Feel the fear…and ways to overcome it

So if I asked you right now if you were feeling the fear; or if you’ve heard about the Coronavirus would you want to smack me? <teehee> Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, and even then I’m not so sure you wouldn’t have heard about it. It’s every where!! I have never seen grocery stores, especially the bulk ones like Costco, have such empty shelves. It’s crazy! So what do you do when it appears like the whole world is caving in to pandemic pressure and you’d rather not be among the masses?

Glad you asked, because I have four ideas to move past fear, stress, or anxiety.

Sort through old photos

Of course I’d be completely remiss if I did not start with my favorite one first – sorting through old photos. Or maybe organize them; take them out of the plastic sheets and put them in an acid free album; write down who all those people are wearing the funny looking clothes because I will guarantee you that whoever you are sharing the information with will not remember (not that I am speaking from experience or anything).

black and white photo of a dark haired baby looking at someone who is holding them
Baby Myra, circa 1966

If you are lucky enough to have grandkids, nieces, or nephews, heck even the neighbor kids will work, ask if they want to go on a trip with you and start sharing information about the photos. If you traveled talk to them about where the photo was taken, who was there, why did you go, did any funny stories happen? This is a fantastic way to talk about other parts of the country with children, and incorporate lessons and learning at the same time.

Retell funny stories

Remember that one year we went camping after October 1, and we had to go camping three hours north of us? And do you remember how cold it was that night? Like so cold that I threatened you better take away all sharp objects from me because if you moved and all the cold air came swishing into the sleeping bag you might find piercings on your body? Do you remember it was so cold that certain bodily functions were frozen to my body? My nose was dripping people! Seriously!

Remember how we found out that the temperature had gotten to almost 10 degrees Fahrenheit? That when we went to the National Forest you found out National State Forest Campgrounds were free after October 1st and so we had to go to another campground that was a bit more north? And how we had to drive through the whole campground so that you could find the absolute perfect camping spot?

How about as we were walking around the camp site I asked you what was going on with the trees and you said oh it’s just some beavers cutting down trees. And how we felt like we were on a rotisserie because we just kept turning around in circles directly in front of a HUGE campfire trying to stay warm? Even the wolves were howling their displeasure as we crawled into cold sleeping bags.


If you guessed that was the beavers coming back to the campsite to cut down another tree, you would be correct.

After a couple days we decided to head over to the Chippewa National Forest … because the campsites were free? And that campground had bear warnings all over the place? And we had to drive around the whole campsite again because we had to have the perfect spot?

Remember how it was slightly warmer and you were sitting on one side of the fire and I was sitting on the other side and we started hearing this rustling sound coming from the hill. How about how you were hissing at me to “DO NOT MOVE!!”. Like that would be my first thought as Pepe Le Pew ambled right through the middle of our campsite.

Do you recall how you laughed and said this was going to be a camping trip to remember? Still not amused darling.

Funny stories are a great way to turn your spirit from a negative energy to a positive one. Especially if you can add in some laughter to get those endorphins raised.

Call a Friend | Ask for Help

I know, I know. You are probably saying well duh… but I would almost guarantee that there are a few of you who might not call a friend because you don’t want to bother them. Or you feel like you only reach out when you need something (that’s a whole other post), however, I will also guarantee that at times like these your friend is wanting to hear from you just as much as you want to talk to them.

Black and white photo of a man holding his cell phone smiling
Hubby on the phone with his Texan buddy

Somehow we have become a world where we don’t want to bother anyone. I live in the community now where when I was young I spent a lot of time as my dad ran a gas station up here after my grandfather passed away. Back then (and no it wasn’t the early 1900’s. It wasn’t even the mid-1900’s.) grandma always had cookies made and coffee ready because you never knew when somebody was going to show up at the door for a “little chat”. There is something reassuring about that for me. Sort of like the television show Cheers, were everybody knows your name!

Another option would be to ask for help from a professional such as a counselor or maybe even a Life Coach. A Life Coach is someone who can walk you through various obstacles you are facing in your life whether it’s a fear, a job change, a mid-life crisis change, whatever you want to discuss. The best part is the Life Coach doesn’t “tell” you what to do, but listens and directs the conversation so you can develop your own plan. Oh don’t worry – they will hold you accountable and sometimes they will tell you things you may not necessarily want to hear. But they will be there for you! (If you are a cancer survivor or fighter, I offer free Life Coach servicescontact me to find out more!)

Do Something You Love

As I was looking at my file folders yesterday I discovered that I had only been out taking photos once during the last three weeks. Once! That is unacceptable for so many reasons, but the main one is I absolutely adore taking photos. One of my greatest joys is walking around and seeing what I can take a photo of that someone else may not see as a portrait.

I know this is one of my greatest joys because when I am done, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. Find what makes you relax and intentionally do that. Make an effort – no, that isn’t right. If you make an effort, you can still come up with a reason why you don’t have to. There is no excuse not to do something you love to do… as long as it isn’t hurting anybody else. Like robbing a bank, or driving drunk, or making fun of someone – those are not cool dude.

photo of a fawn colored Labrador dog with brown eyes
Harley Jones Horner

It’s also a great time to find something new to love. I have a friend who has been working on learning to knit this winter and she is making a weather scarf. Each color of yarn is associated with a different temperature and depending on what the temp was the day before, that’s the color of the row you knit. Pretty cool project for a Minnesota winter. I would suggest finding colors that coordinate though. Considering it can be -30 one day and 45 the next. Mother Nature in Minnesota is going through menopause I believe, but shhhh! Don’t tell her I said that!

So there you have it. Four ways to overcome your anxiety or fear when things are looking pretty chaotic on the outside. I know there are plenty of other ways – but for your sake I decided to stop at four. Right off the top of my head there’s going for a walk, playing board games and cheating… oh wait. That was my dad. Never mind!

Now, if you want to know all the different things you can use in place of toilet paper, hit me up! I’ve got those outlined as well.

Stay safe my friends and know that while being quarantined, self-contained, or simply staying home can be tiresome and aggravating, you are helping to potentially keep others healthy and well. And on behalf of all of us whose immune systems don’t work – I thank you.

Capture Life and Chase Your Dreams!!

Until next time….


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P.P.S. Have any other suggestions that may seem out of the box? Keep it clean people, keep it clean. 🙂 Leave me a comment and share!

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