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Welcome to Just One Life!

On January 13, 2016 I received the phone call from my doctor that no one wants to hear – Triple Negative IDC Breast Cancer, stage 2 a/b, grade 3. The following ten months are quite the blur for me, which was probably my bodies way of protecting me. I look back and sometimes say, “well that wasn’t so bad” while my husband looks at me in horror and asks me if I have chemo brain. (In my defense, I probably do – although the medical profession (at least my medical personnel) swear up and down that there is no such thing.)

After I completed chemo, I went through a period of not just feeling depressed, or that life had changed in ways I could never imagine; but I actually felt empty inside. In July of 2017, my husband Rodney, daughter Shelby, and I traveled to Europe for the entire month. We were celebrating the one year anniversary from my last chemo (June 9, 2016).

While there I brought along my DSLR camera and quickly remembered and realized how much joy and inspiration that taking photographs brought to my soul. I felt alive, and happy, and like I was supposed to be behind the camera. Which began my joyous pursuit of capturing the light!

Now, a couple years later, I once again find myself in a position where I feel like I was lacking something. It was then I began the pursuit of self-discovery and authors like Judi Holler, and Gabrielle Bernstein, and Jennifer Sincero lined my book shelves. The words that I read resonated within my soul, and I realized that the Universe has had my back for a long time – probably since before I was born!

On top of all that I am a coffee addict (iced please), chocolate fiend, Honey Nut Cheerio connoisseur, horse lover, dog owner, search and rescue team volunteer, a travel hound, photo obsessed lifestyle & travel blogger. Come along as I travel over dirt roads and through valleys, with two giant dogs (75 & 95 pounds) tagging along (oh yeah, and my husband!) to bring you the joys of life – the good, the bad, the ugly.

We only have just one life. Why aren’t we running like hell to chase our dreams and catch them?

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